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 Post subject: Common PVP Items
PostPosted: 15 Oct 2017, 20:03 
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I remember we were discussing the exact same topic already on the old FreshMeat forums in 2012. Back then the community was predominantly against utilizing, as well as distributing common PVP items. Nevertheless I think it won’t hurt to ask this question again in late 2017. These days PVP activity is even worse than it was 5 years ago. The main reason for this sad fact is, -at least as far as I can see it- that it takes many years to obtain all the relevant PVP gear. The vast majority of new and returning players is simply not willing and/or capable of investing that much time into a dated game like Diablo. That’s why I currently toy with the idea, of making a pool of common PVP items (all taken from the diablodupes.ini) available to public.

Let me know what you guys think about this idea. Would you play with someone who is using such gear? Would you use it yourself?

Edit 10/19/2017:
Since the feedback was predominantly positive, you can find all stuff right here:

Item Pool Content:

Dragon's Amulet of the lion_57hp_57mana.itm
Dragon's Amulet of the zodiac_20aa_60mag.itm
Dragon's Amulet of wizardry_30mag_60mana.itm
Gold Amulet of perfection_30dex_30%cth.itm
Gold Amulet of the heavens_15aa_30%cth.itm
Obsidian Amulet of the zodiac_20aa_40%ra.itm
Awesome Plate of harmony_ac75_140%_fhr3.itm
Awesome Plate of precision_ac75_150%_20dex.itm
Awesome Plate of sorcery_ac74_150%_20mag.itm
Awesome Plate of the lion_ac75_145%_58hp.itm
Awesome Plate of the stars_ac74_148%_11aa.itm
Obsidian Armor of the stars_ac17_11aa_38%ra.itm
Obsidian Mail of harmony_ac24_40%ra_fhr.itm
Obsidian Mail of precision_ac25_20dex_38%ra.itm
Obsidian Mail of sorcery_ac24_20mag_37%ra.itm
Ruby Armor of harmony_ac12_fhr_60%rf.itm
Ruby Mail of the whale_ac27_100hp_51%rf.itm
Ruby Plate of the stars_ac50_11aa_60%rf.itm
King's Axe of haste_12-30_91%th_172%dmg.itm
Emerald Bow of the heavens_1-14_14aa_44%ra.itm
Garnet Bow of swiftness_1-14_43%rf.itm
Massive Bow of swiftness_1-14_106%.itm
Merciless Bow of burning_1-14_175%_1-16fdmg.itm
Savage Bow of the heavens_1-14_122%dmg_15aa.itm
Diamond Helm of the whale_ac6_96hp_53%rm.itm
Obsidian Helm of sorcery_ac10_20mag_39%ra.itm
Obsidian Helm of the stars_ac8_11aa_38%ra.itm
Dragon's Ring of harmony_58mana_fhr3.itm
Dragon's Ring of the lion_57hp_59mana.itm
Dragon's Ring of the lion_58hp_58mana.itm
Dragon's Ring of the zodiac_20aa_59mana.itm
Dragon's Ring of the zodiac_20aa_60mana.itm
Dragon's Ring of wizardry_30mag_59mana.itm
Dragon's Ring of wizardry_30mag_60mana.itm
Gold Ring of perfection_30dex_30%cth(2).itm
Gold Ring of perfection_30dex_30%cth.itm
Gold Ring of the heavens_15aa_30%cth(2).itm
Gold Ring of the heavens_15aa_30%cth.itm
Obsidian Ring of harmony_37%ra_fhr3.itm
Obsidian Ring of the lion_57hp_35%ra.itm
Obsidian Ring of the zodiac_20aa_40%ra.itm
Obsidian Ring of wizardry_30mag_40%ra.itm
Awesome Shield of the tiger_ac20_150%_50hp.itm
Crimson Shield of accuracy_ac8_15dex_37%rf.itm
Emerald Shield of the tiger_ac7_44%ra_50hp.itm
Garnet Shield of brilliance_ac6_15mag_46%rf.itm
Godly Shield_ac20_200%.itm
Jade Shield of accuracy_ac13_14dex_29%ra.itm
Jade Shield of brilliance_ac3_15mag_28%ra.itm
Arch-Angel's Staff of Fireball_8-16_80charges_2slvl.itm
Arch-Angel's Staff of wizardry_8-16_30mag_2slvl.itm
King's Sword of haste_6-15_100%th_174%dmg.itm
King's Sword of the heavens_6-15_97%th_175%dmg_15aa.itm
Lightning Sword of haste_6-15_2-20ldmg.itm
Strange Sword of haste_6-15_149%cth.itm
Strange Sword of the heavens_6-15_149%th_15aa.itm
Holy Defender.itm
Naj's Light Plate.itm
Royal Circlet.itm
Schaefer's Hammer.itm
Sparking Mail.itm
Thinking Cap.itm

I’m careful to point out, that each and every item in this pool is clearly marked as a Common PVP item on the diablodupeslist.ini. Thus they can be easily identified with scanners like DiabloGuard and DiabloSaver. Such items shouldn’t be used nor tolerated in PVM or co-op play.

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 Post subject: Re: Common PVP Items
PostPosted: 15 Oct 2017, 21:48 
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One of the reasons I don't do PVP is because we don't have equal items. How am I supposed to know whether I'm losing because I suck or because my items suck (or both)? It's hard enough trying to beat someone who has several years of PVP practice, but on top of it his character's stats leave you in the dust.

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 Post subject: Re: Common PVP Items
PostPosted: 15 Oct 2017, 22:01 
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Posts: 122
I absolutely would and intend to.

Just as you were stuck in the office earlier today, I'm in the office now myself.

We will get some games going though soon enough.

If only if I didn't keep losing/deleting all my stuff... I would have like... 25% of the PvP gear Shade has (which might be enough to scrap together one decent char?? LOL)

The nice thing about diablo is that you can do PvM (which is most of the game I guess) with almost no gear.... In a week or less I built a nice sorce who can farm the best items in the game with ease.

Once u shop that strange sword of haste you have it forever (theoretically) unless ur like me and lose all ur shit.


D1 PvP. The most feared duelist of all time ^^

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 Post subject: Re: Common PVP Items
PostPosted: 15 Oct 2017, 23:56 
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Yeah. You should make a 150% Strange/Haste available in both Battle-Axe and Maul forms. Thanks.



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 Post subject: Re: Common PVP Items
PostPosted: 16 Oct 2017, 00:34 
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I'll just hang in "Diablo USA-1" on useast, looks like shade is as well.

D1 PvP. The most feared duelist of all time ^^

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 Post subject: Re: Common PVP Items
PostPosted: 16 Oct 2017, 00:39 
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Posts: 109
No worries mate. I’m positive we’ll find the necessary time to play very soon.

I’m afraid there is no such item on the entire dupeslist. Unfortunately (luckily?^_^) most item-thieves haven’t had much PVP knowledge. For example there are dozens of perfect Drag/Zodis and Kings/haste weapons on the list, but only one close to perfect Strange/heavens weapon.
I actually had to append a few things out of my own item-pool to make one or another important item available. I’ve added a detailed overview of the pool content to my first post.

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 Post subject: Re: Common PVP Items
PostPosted: 16 Oct 2017, 01:06 

Posts: 47
I am fine with the idea, assuming it is made very clear to the public as to why such equipment is provided (whether it be PvP, character build testing or whatever). Nowadays it is not like people are going to specifically come here for tools to grief people anyway - There are so many other places to scope out first if one wanted to bother with that stuff.

Would you play with someone who is using such gear Would you use it yourself?

These come under the bigger question of what sort of rule set one has in mind about the way they wish to play the game. Whether it be ironman, duelling or run of the mill dungeon clearing, the participants have agreed to operate within that particular context.

So with PvP if the people agree to equal access to gear, then there is no issue. There has already been a meeting of the minds. Of course it doesn't make sense to bring a spoon to a sword fight.

People have debated in circles throwing the term 'legit' about when all it boils down to is whether you are ok to play the game with others in a specific context.

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 Post subject: Re: Common PVP Items
PostPosted: 16 Oct 2017, 01:46 
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Personally, at this point in the game's life, it should basically be a nonfactor.

Look at it this way; if someone wants to run their mouth on a forum, you need only point them to that list and say see you in game. Not only does this have huge ingame implications, but also on the forum if someone chickens out it allows me to channel my inner 14 y/o and say "lulz dodge n00b".

Obviously I wouldn't troll on as I'm known for my strict rule-following behavior.

TL:DR if this allows for more common occurrence of weekly/nightly PvP sessions, roll the fkk'n dice my friend.


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 Post subject: Re: Common PVP Items
PostPosted: 16 Oct 2017, 23:43 
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I think it's a good idea. I don't know about using burning/thunder bows in duels though, they're buggy as hell

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 Post subject: Re: Common PVP Items
PostPosted: 17 Oct 2017, 17:04 
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I would consider having a separate dueling character with dupe gear just for quick fun PvP action. But I'm rather skeptical, because this issue was addressed before and gathered many negative votes as far as I could remember.

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