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 Post subject: The Ironman 'Problem'
PostPosted: 27 Apr 2018, 02:05 

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Many of us in the ironman community, particularly solo IM; have found a singular issue with the gameplay. Despite Diablo being seemingly flawless for this sort of a play style, the early-game grind is what's stopping IM from being a continually played game mode. I'm still not entirely convinced anything should be changed, but here's both sides of the coin at least.

There are few things you need for a successful run. You can make it by with a horrible character, in most situations; but one thing that almost always determines whether a run should be continued is the staff of healing. When going for single, or even triple crown runs it's viewed as necessary to grind the first 3 floors for a staff of healing. Sometimes even if you get your staff of healing, you're unable to kill Leoric on floor 3. Almost doubling the grind time. It can sometimes take up to three or four hours to get a run even "started", despite the difficulty of the run being post-Leoric.

We have been trying to discuss amongst ourselves if there is a solution to this problem, and if a solution would ruin the integrity of Diablo ironman. On the one hand if no runs are being started without this staff, the gameplay would be the same if you had it guaranteed at the start of your run. On the other hand, where do you stop when you start changing the way the game has been played for twenty years. Do you start giving players ID's and a set of armour so everything is "balanced". Do you remove Leoric so there's no barrier to entry. It's a difficult question.

A couple practical solutions would be, for solo ironman runs:

Giving the player a staff of healing, with a mid-range healing charge on it at the start of the game.

Making Leoric drop a staff of healing 100% guaranteed.

An issue with these is of course, the possibility of 2nd and 3rd staves. So there would have to be a way of removing the drop rate on staves from cathedral, and then reintroducing them on floor 5 and above. This would mean every player could end the cathedral with one mid-range staff of healing, and everything past that would be the same as ever.

Anyway, like I said; I'm not completely convinced this is necessary yet myself, but it's worth discussion. Assuming there are still ironman players that aren't on, where these discussions started.

If you have any suggestions other than "suck it up and play the game" which we have been doing, and will continue to do regardless. We'd like to hear them.

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 Post subject: Re: The Ironman 'Problem'
PostPosted: 04 May 2018, 04:05 

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It's honestly just the luck of the draw. And there have been plenty of successful wins without finding a staff. Those games usually come down to enemy composition, player skill, and your luck in finding other usable resources, like lots of books, excess potions, etc.

In my experience, most runs end up averaging out in one way or another. If you get lucky with an early staff or good shrines, you tend to get unlucky in some other facet like ID's, tough enemies showing up early, lack of floor-relevant gear, etc. Certainly a healing staff is nice to have, but it usually does not determine whether a run is a success or a failure. Assuming your skill, creativity, and your luck in other areas are up to snuff, you can still manage a win with the right tactics and mindset.

I don't think anything needs to be changed, because RNG is, after all, part of the Ironman experience. No two games are identical, and that's what makes them so exciting.

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 Post subject: Re: The Ironman 'Problem'
PostPosted: 05 May 2018, 20:09 

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Here is what I gathered from my experience.
I've got a dozen solo warrior wins and I none of them would have been possible without a staff of healing (sometimes 2). There is just too much bad stuff that happens, you always get hit by rng at some point.

Balrogs will chip at your health no matter what and you can get them on multiple floors in a row, Blood Knights early 13-14 can kick your ass, and the spellcasters (inevitable advocates on 16) will also make you take damage constantly.

I never take a run pass church without a staff of healing as I know it will be a waste of time in the future. Sometimes it can take hours and hours to find one and sometimes you get it first try. It's just the nature of the challenge, constantly fighting against all odds.

As much as sometimes I would like to just start with a staff in my inventory to save me hours of farming, I think if you are ready to take on IM challenge you have to be ready to get bad luck. When the good stuff comes, it's much more rewarding!

Welcome to the Ironman casino!

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