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 Post subject: Diablo: The Hell / TheHell 2 - Basic Tutorial
PostPosted: 21 Oct 2017, 16:44 
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Diablo: TheHell is a free modification based on Diablo: Hellfire. It features countless improvements, new features, new classes, bug fixes etc. For a full list of features, I recommend having a look into the official game guide:
What really makes TheHell special though, is the very challenging difficulty, which brings co-op play to a whole 'nother level.
TheHell2 is basically the same game, (this might change in the future, since for now it’s just a beta version) but it offers a variety of graphical improvements, such as support for higher resolutions and 60fps.

Download ‘TheHell - Full release’ as well as ‘TheHell2 Beta’ on the official website:
Download both parts of the ‘Music Expansion’ here (not necessary to play the game, but I recommend it):

Setup Process:
-After all downloads have been completed, start with unpacking the ‘TheHell - Full release’ into a folder of your choice for example “TheHell”.
-Next step is to unpack ‘TheHell2 Beta’ and the two ‘Music expansion’ archives into the same folder. Overwrite anything that’s already present.
- Now mount your Diablo.iso (or insert your Diablo CD if you still happen to own one) - explore it and search for the DIABDAT.MPQ file. Copy it to your “TheHell” folder.
- Pick the resolution of your choice in the config.ini file. This will only have an effect in TheHell2.
I personally use 1024x768, but you can go up to 4K!

How to run the game:
- If you intend to play TheHell, run ‘TheHell.exe’ (this one will have stash support). You can adjust your graphical settings by pressing the ~ key. On my German keyboards it’s the ö key.
- If you intend to play TheHell2, simply run ‘TH2.exe’.
- Please note, that if you intend to play multiplayer, there is no official cross version support. However, it is (for now - this might change in future versions) easily possible to switch character and stash files back and forth between TheHell and TheHell2. Simply rename your files the following way:

TH to TH2:
hell_MP.hst >> hell_MP.hs2
hell_SP.hst >> hell_SP.hs2
hellmp_0.drv >> hell2mp_0.drv
hellsp_0.drv >> hell2sp_0.drv

TH2 to TH:
hell_MP.hs2 >> hell_MP.hst
hell_SP.hs2 >> hell_SP.hst
hell2mp_0.drv >> hellmp_0.drv
hell2sp_0.drv >> hellsp_0.drv

Additional Information:
- Official Game Guide:
- Official Forum:
- TH Wiki:
- I’m careful to point out, that you won’t be able to access Horror difficulty as soon as your multiplayer character has hit lvl 30. On lvl 45 and beyond, you won’t be able to access Purgatory difficulty anymore.
- Online Multiplayer can be established via one of the many VPN applications like “Tunngle, Hamachi, GameRanger, Evolve” or via 'Direct IP', which is usually my preferred choice.
- I highly recommend utilizing the newly implemented spell hotkeys. In mid to endgame, it won’t be sufficient to work with the usual F5 to F8 shortcuts anymore. You can find a complete overview of the spell hotkeys here:
- In endgame it’s all about finding the right unique- and set-items for you characters.
The ‘TheHell Data Extractor’ can help you significantly to narrow down where to look for them. You can download it here:
Simply extract he archive to a folder of your choice, run THDE.exe, point the application to your “TheHell” folder and determine an output folder. When it’s all configured, run ‘index.htm’ to access a complete database of set and uniques along with a hint on what boss / m.lvl might drop them.

In case I got something of importance wrong or missed it entirely, please let me know. It’s been quite a while since I’ve played TH actively. I just thought such small & basic guide might be useful for players who don’t want to dig thru the TH forums.

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 Post subject: Re: Diablo: The Hell / TheHell 2 - Basic Tutorial
PostPosted: 23 Oct 2017, 19:45 
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PSST over here !

ive noticed most of ppl i encounter in the hell uses tunngle. in the channel

Diablo - The hell Mod

i recomend using that channel if you want to find more ppl who plays Th and Th2

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 Post subject: Re: Diablo: The Hell / TheHell 2 - Basic Tutorial
PostPosted: 25 Oct 2017, 01:58 

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Nice thread, thanks.

The challenge is real, and fun. Seeing item requirements will be good, don't want to get lvl 35-40 and realize im lacking 100 dex for a cute weapon find :O

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