Solo Warrior IronMan
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Author:  Chris [ 28 Jun 2017, 03:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Solo Warrior IronMan

named my char ironman so it didn't upload. forgot about that.

Succubusses in caves 12 is killer but i managed to squeeze through and got an easy 13 and 14 with all melee. cabalists on 15 ended the run very quickly though. I thought balrogs were bad but cabalists are insane. Also got a lucky glimmering cauldron in 13 so I probably won't get another one for a while :P. Last run where i was going strong also ended on 15 to soul burner hell spawn stairgank. I've been going back to trying id scroll over small shield start and now I can't make up my mind which is better. The leo fight seems a lot more dependent on your weapon than your AC.

Author:  tsundere [ 29 Jun 2017, 23:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Solo Warrior IronMan

I'd allways go with the ID. Maybe it's just because I had countless games with so few ID drops that 1 more really made a difference. 1 ID can potentially save your run, while that shield might be used only into early cata's, and if you're unlucky a shield with good ac might drop as ealy as level 2.

Author:  Chris [ 05 Jul 2017, 04:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Solo Warrior IronMan

finally got another win

griswold bent me over the table though I don't think I'm getting far in nightmare. in the vid i was trying for forever to get the last mage and accidentally aggrod diablo but managed to get both with no pots left. accidentally left a bunch of gold behind but it didnt matter in the end lol. I did get a helm of -6 damage from enemies from wirt, i'm gonna hang onto that for balrogs or lightning demons. that run I had over 20 id scrolls and found 2 executioner blades. Then I realized the run was cursed and couldnt get anything to use my IDs on. only found 2 rings in the whole game and one was light radius haha. I didn't have anything to sell, but is that allowed in lockin rules? Also have any of you guys tried parking diablo with a town portal? Trying to think of anything other that shooting arrows for 2 hours, but not sure if that works well and was scared to try it.

Author:  Xxera [ 07 Jul 2017, 22:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Solo Warrior IronMan

TP works fine for parking Diablo. I've done it that way when I had no way to teleport.

Author:  Chris [ 11 Jul 2017, 05:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Solo Warrior IronMan

i croaked in nightmare lvl 11 too lol. couldnt find any good gear to id and 81 dex and 110 AC could only take me so far. other than that i had lucky monster spawns. The mithril sword (60% cth) i found in the diablo cage was the only reason i got so far.

Author:  pyrolee [ 15 Jul 2017, 08:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Solo Warrior IronMan

Off topic...but what's the best way to kill the butcher as a solo IM rogue? The stair trap method is illegal right?

Author:  Chris [ 16 Jul 2017, 05:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Solo Warrior IronMan

I always do it. It doesn't work on Skeleton King, though.

Author:  pyrolee [ 16 Jul 2017, 06:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Solo Warrior IronMan ... -STH-2.htm

"It is forbidden to take advantage of the ”Stair-Trapping” (click to view) -technique."

Does this not apply to solo IM?

Author:  Chris [ 16 Jul 2017, 06:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Solo Warrior IronMan

I can't imagine how you would be supposed to get past the butcher. Any other non-lockin rules to an ironman game make it very easy and not fun. Without lock-in, finding a glimmering shrine or blood fountain anywhere in the game would probably automatically win the run, let alone going back for more potions. The only rule in lockin that might be foggy from person to person is clearing the 4th diablo cage completely on 16. Most people seem to use stairtrap on butcher in solo games from what i've seen.

Author:  Catalyst [ 16 Jul 2017, 09:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Solo Warrior IronMan

Instead of stair-trapping the Butcher you can usually just lock him behing some grates and pick him off. In a spot where he only runs between two tiles this technique is no different from stair-trapping - just aim at the lower tile.
As far as killing the Skeletong King goes, just use bow & arrow and pull back as he approaches. Remember the 3 safe directions for pulling back - they're the 3 downwards directions on the screen. This way you can just shoot him to death, but make sure you're fighting him in an advantageous place (e.g. in a long corridor) where you can better place your shots. He sometimes tends to stop in place - this is the "Now's your chance!" opportunity to turn him into a boney pin cushion, just be on your edge and pull back as he aphoaches.

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