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Author:  lvl1 [ 19 Jun 2014, 00:58 ]
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I have finally got myself to writte this guide. The guide to port forward the ports for diablo 1. This guide is based of pretty much any forum, website and such i have found by just typing in "Diablo 1 portforwarding" and "Diablo 1 Latency Problems" in Google. Also it is based of my own personal setup of router, observations and recomendations.

This guide might work for you. At the same time - it might not...
Sadly Diablo 1 uses an old "system" for multiplayer. But what did we expect for a game which was released so long ago?

Please note:
1) This guide wont do you any good if you are not using a router
2) Also it will not work if you cant access your router
3) If you are using some kind of public wi-fi hotspot, meaning you cant access the configuration of it, it will not work

ALSO NOTE: You might have an ISP (Internet Service Provider) which is blocking your ports! This was my case! I had an public IP assigned by ISP with crap out port blocking. To solve this you will need to visit and/or phone your ISP and change the IP or Internet Plan.

Now the guide itself
First of all you need to open your cmd (windows command prompt). To do so click start button and type in "cmd" in the search field. Open CMD. Type in: ipconfig
The computer will display your network configuration. Notice the whole lot of shit going on on there. Much numbers and words. What you need here is:
1) IPv4 Adress
2) Default Gateway
cmd.PNG [ 9.15 KiB | Viewed 19717 times ]

Now you have to open your browser and type in the Default Gateway into the adress bar. And you will access your router main page. Now you need to log in into your router. The default is ussually (name/pass): admin/admin or admin/(with no pass) or (no pass)/(no pass). If that doesnt work - you need to look for it on the router itself, in the router manual or you will have to ask your system administrator (your dad possibly?).
Router main.PNG
Router main.PNG [ 69.06 KiB | Viewed 19717 times ]

Router port frwd menu.PNG
Router port frwd menu.PNG [ 76.86 KiB | Viewed 19717 times ]

After you loged in. You need to enter the ports for diablo. The menu most likely be diffrent. So you will have to look for something similar to your router. Once again you can look into your router manual. Or you can go to , select your router model and set up ports for diablo 1. It's all step by step in pictures there. After you are done - click save settings and log out of your router.

Now you are pretty much set to be able to host games. But sometimes this isnt enough! Your Windows Firewall might be blocking the conection! Now you have two options:
1) Turn of Windows Firewall
2) "Portforward" your Windows Firewall

NOTE: Option 1 might work for some people while others will still strugle with hosting games!

In my case I had to go for option 2. So now you need to open your control panel and go to Windows Firewall. You need to have Diablo in the "Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall". Then you need to click the "Advanced settings". There you will see "Inbound rules" and "Outbound rules". On both you will need to add same ports for Diablo both TCP and UDP and be sure to have Domain, Private and Home checked. Also make sure "Allow the connection" is selected on General tab. Follow the pictures provided. Once done with TCP do a new rule for UDP. Then move to "Outbound rules" (or "Inbound rules" if you are doing it backwards) and do the same steps. It will be pretty much similar. And now you are done!
Firewall 2.PNG
Firewall 2.PNG [ 41.81 KiB | Viewed 19717 times ]

firewall inbound outbouned rules.PNG
firewall inbound outbouned rules.PNG [ 84.03 KiB | Viewed 19717 times ]

NOTE: If you have an antivirus which has it's own Firewall. You will most likely have to set up it too. I'm using Microsoft Essentials for antivirus. It's pretty light, protects my pc and doesnt have the firewall.

ALSO NOTE: Your router might have firewall too. Mine does, but my games work pretty much good with it disabled.

Author:  lvl1 [ 19 Jun 2014, 01:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Portforwarding Guide

In Diablo 1 directory you have two files which is cache and log: bncache.dat and BnetLog.txt . I'm not sure if it's a myth - but you need to delete the two files before you start diablo.
D1 Directory.PNG
D1 Directory.PNG [ 50.18 KiB | Viewed 19716 times ]

Your games work for specific people and dont work somebody else. You can try restarting diablo 1, deleting the two files mentioned above and try hosting again. Also restarting the computer and/or router is also a good idea. Note that sometimes games just dont work.

Also your can try do the "ipconfig /flushdns", "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew" commands in cmd menu mentioned in the begining of this guide. Note that your IP Adress might change from the "ipconfig /renew" command! If so - change the IP in the Router menu again.

Sometimes your games worked and one day refused to do so. You checked all settings above and nothing was wrong. You might want to try Troubleshooting the problem. After it my games work again for some time more. Picture guide follows.
troubleshooting full.png
troubleshooting full.png [ 118.23 KiB | Viewed 19716 times ]

Sometimes your games dont work while trying to get more then two players in the same game. I still cant figure this out myself and that was pretty much why i didnt post this guide for so long. In this situation i told friends to change joining order (the one who joined first tryed joining last). Sometimes that worked and sometimes we get "gamesplit" (friends cant see each other in game, or i cant see someone in game). If you have information on how to solve this problem please let me know. Also sometimes the third player cant join. So we changed the order of joining, so the one who has crapiest ping - joins last.

If you and your friend are trying to get a two player coop game going on and both have latency issues there is one trick. The "Backwards Trick". Add each other to friends list on by doing /f a <your friends name>. Then player 1 hosts a game. Player 2 tryes to join but fails becouse he gets the latency message. Now player 2 quickly host a game, while player 1 is still in game. Player 1 will get a message (becouse you added each other to friends list) "Your friend <friends name> have joined a diablo game <game name>. When receiving the message player 1 quickly quits his game and tryes to join the game player 2 hosted and hopefully succesfully joins. Note that this trick works in 95% of times. Sometimes it doesnt work.

Other options
If nothing above works for you then you are pretty much stuck. You best option is to find people who can host games for you or use an IPX application. There is this "Tungle" thing and "Game Ranger". Both have flaws. In the end of the day it is a matter of taste and what works for you.
In conclusion i can only wish you good luck. I have strugled with ports myself. And i still feel the fight isnt over. Sometimes it is pure frustration which summons a craving to blast your ISP with a rocket launcher.

Author:  Constantine [ 17 Sep 2015, 02:22 ]
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Author:  lvl1 [ 17 Sep 2015, 08:25 ]
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Constantine wrote:


Author:  Chris [ 05 Oct 2015, 19:01 ]
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Thanks so much for this. good work man

Author:  lvl1 [ 06 Oct 2015, 07:59 ]
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Chris wrote:
Thanks so much for this. good work man

You are welcome!

Author:  d4rki [ 26 Oct 2015, 10:40 ]
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Thanks a lot man, really usefull guide :)

Author:  lvl1 [ 30 Oct 2015, 08:40 ]
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d4rki wrote:
Thanks a lot man, really usefull guide :)

Your Welcome! :D

Author:  Catalyst [ 04 Nov 2015, 20:00 ]
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Am I the only one who gets really mad when people say "your" instead of "you're"? LOL

Author:  lvl1 [ 05 Nov 2015, 11:33 ]
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Catalyst wrote:
Am I the only one who gets really mad when people say "your" instead of "you're"? LOL

Yeah, sorry, sometimes I just fail to type. Plus my keyabord is crap. =D

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