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DiabloStats is a small application that runs in the system tray while you play Diablo. The application continuously uploads your character's stats, equipped items, inventory items, spell levels etc to the Tristram database.

DiabloStats opens the Diablo process and reads data from it's memory space, the data is then uploaded to the server. The received data is parsed on the server side and stored in the database, after which the character is visible in the character database.

Note that DiabloStats DOES NOT upload your files or any other files that would allow someone to use your character in any way.

DiabloStats v1.5 (563kB)
For Diablo 1.09

First you need to register an account on When you have registered and logged in, your identifier is visible on the settings page. This identifier is a unique key tied to your user account. The server uses this key to authenticate your user account when DiabloStats is uploading your character.

Once you have registered an account and downloaded DiabloStats, fire it up and enter the following settings:

Identifier - Enter your identifier here.
Server IP -
Server path - / (a single slash)
Port - 80

Upload stash items from - Check this checkbox to enable the stash upload functionality (display stash items on your profile page) and choose the folder where your stash items are located.
DiabloStast looks for the following files in the specified folder (subfolders are not scanned):
- .itm files (368 or 400 bytes in size) created by Blue Scorpio's Diablo Saver.
- .tsf files (max size 110 404 bytes) created by the Torch mod.
The maximum item limit is currently 300 items.

Next, press Start. The program should now be running and you are ready to play. Simply start Diablo and slash away! The character you are playing with is continuously uploaded with 20 second intervals.

Note: When you start the program it will say "Unable to open Diablo.exe" if Diablo is not running. Simply leave the program running and start the game (you can also minimize it to the system tray), it will re-scan in about 20 seconds and find the process once the game is running.

When you press Stop the program stops scanning and the text fields are editable again. No uploading occurs when the program is stopped.

DiabloStats 1.5

- Support for stash item upload, supported formats include files produced by Blue Scorpio's Diablo Saver and the Torch mod.
- Sends a notification message to Diablo every time an update is performed. (This is only useful with the Torch mod).
- Uploads the current dungeon level being played, this is displayed on the profile page.
- Minor improvements to the Diablo memory reading procedure.

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