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Sex: Male
Age: 27
Romania Romania
Last online:
27.11.2017 21:21 - Pure.Hesiod
13.11.2017 00:42 - Temesta.
50 pure sorcerer: 21.10.2015, post surgery leveling.
50 rogue: 03.06.2017, dedicated to my mother who lost the battle to cancer 28 May 2017, two days before her 50th birthday.
Both characters leveled up on a 10$ Microsoft keyboard and Logitech G9x.
Max exp in 24h: 108m.
21 Kanice
No games found
Leaderboards winner (Sorcerer)
Pure.Hesiod gained 317,364,860 experience points in August 2015
Leaderboards winner (Sorcerer)
Pure.Hesiod gained 821,445,424 experience points in October 2015
Leaderboards winner (Rogue)
Temesta. gained 196,271,501 experience points in June 2017