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Sex: Male
Age: 27
Romania Romania
Last online:
24.06.2017 16:56 - Pure.Hesiod
24.06.2017 14:44 - Temesta.
50 pure sorcerer: 21.10.2015, post surgery leveling.
50 rogue: 03.06.2017, dedicated to my mother who lost the battle to cancer 28 May 2017, two days before her 50th birthday.
Both characters leveled up on a 10$ Microsoft keyboard and Logitech G9x.
Max exp in 24h: 108m.
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Leaderboards winner (Sorcerer)
Pure.Hesiod gained 317,364,860 experience points in August 2015
Leaderboards winner (Sorcerer)
Pure.Hesiod gained 821,445,424 experience points in October 2015