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Sex: Male
Age: 27
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Last online:
06.11.2018 02:13 - Donnie_Darko
26.10.2018 20:34 - Neck_Romancer
Next level141,086
Exp left12,264
Magic9191Armor class2
Dexterity1414To hit57%
Resist magic0%
Life420Resist fire0%
Mana20484Resist lgtning0%
No games found
Potion of Full Mana
Scroll of Infravision
Required: 23 mag
Scroll of Fireball
Required: 31 mag
Scroll of Town Portal
Scroll of Mana Shield
Naj's Puzzler
Damage: 4-8   Dur: 35/35
(Teleport) charges: 23/57
+20 to magic
+10 to dexterity
Hit points: -25
Resist all: +20%

Source: Normal Monster Level 24
Ring Mail (Not identified)
Armor: 18   Dur: 27/50
Required: 25 str

Source: Normal Monster Level 19
Staff of Fire Wall
Damage: 4-8   Dur: 10/35
(Fire Wall) charges: 7/9
Required: 27 mag

Source: Normal Monster Level 12
Staff of Fire Wall (Not identified)
Damage: 2-4   Dur: 17/25
Required: 27 mag

Source: Unique Monster Level 6
Chain Mail (Not identified)
Armor: 19   Dur: 19/55
Required: 30 str

Source: Normal Monster Level 19
Scroll of Identify
Scroll of Identify
Scroll of Mana Shield
1978 gold pieces
Scroll of Mana Shield
Scroll of Nova
Required: 57 mag
Scroll of Lightning
Scroll of Nova
Required: 57 mag
Scroll of Mana Shield
Scroll of Mana Shield
Holy Bolt spell level 4
Telekenesis spell level 2
Heal Other spell level 3
Staff recharge skill
Firebolt spell level 6
Healing spell level 3
Lightning spell level 3
Flash spell level 1
Town Portal spell level 3
Stone Curse spell level 5
Phasing spell level 1
Inferno spell level 4
Charged Bolt spell level 7