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Sex: Male
Age: 39
Slovakia Slovakia
Last online:
19.10.2018 23:59 - FadedRose
08.10.2018 22:36 - Electrician
3x Legit Characters: Hranol Hranolka Hranolko.
3x Pure Characters: Electrician Chambermaid Fadedrose.
Next level9,281,874
Exp left1,191,851
Magic44105Armor class70
Dexterity150170To hit135%
Resist magic21%
Life142142Resist fire21%
Mana195121Resist lgtning21%
No games found
Jade Helm of harmony
Armor: 6   Dur: 29/30
Resist all: +21%
Fastest hit recovery
Required: 25 str

Source: Normal Monster Level 30
Amulet of the zodiac
+20 to all attributes

Source: Unique Monster Level 30
Bow of the bear
Damage: 2-5   Dur: 40/40
Knocks target back
Required: 20 str 35 dex

Source: Griswold
Mail of deflection
Armor: 30   Dur: 62/65
-4 damage from enemies
Required: 40 str

Source: Griswold
Ring of wizardry
+24 to magic

Source: Normal Monster Level 28
Ring of sorcery
+17 to magic

Source: Unique Monster Level 14
Potion of Full Healing
Potion of Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Rejuvenation
Potion of Full Rejuvenation
Scroll of Resurrect
Scroll of Town Portal
Brutal Bow
Damage: 4-8   Dur: 55/55
+90% damage
Required: 35 str 70 dex

Source: Normal Monster Level 28
Crystal Bow of the stars
Damage: 1-14   Dur: 60/60
+11 to all attributes
Resist magic: +47%
Required: 45 str 80 dex

Source: Normal Monster Level 22
Obsidian Bow of perfection
Damage: 3-7   Dur: 45/45
+24 to dexterity
Resist all: +31%
Required: 30 str 50 dex

Source: Unique Monster Level 30
Scroll of Fire Wall
Required: 17 mag
Potion of Mana
Potion of Mana
Potion of Mana
Obsidian Ring
Resist all: +31%

Source: Normal Monster Level 24
Jade Ring of precision
+17 to dexterity
Resist all: +26%

Source: Normal Monster Level 20
Ring of titans
+27 to strength

Source: Unique Monster Level 30
Scroll of Flash
Required: 21 mag
4903 gold pieces
Heal Other spell level 12
Blood Star spell level 2
Fireball spell level 7
Guardian spell level 4
Chain Lightning spell level 5
Flame Wave spell level 3
Inferno spell level 7
Golem spell level 2
Teleport spell level 2
Elemental spell level 3
Charged Bolt spell level 5
Holy Bolt spell level 10
Telekenesis spell level 5
Trap disarm skill
Firebolt spell level 10
Healing spell level 10
Lightning spell level 8
Flash spell level 6
Fire Wall spell level 10
Town Portal spell level 9
Stone Curse spell level 6
Phasing spell level 6
Mana Shield spell level 4