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Sex: Male
Age: 23
United States United States, Florida
Last online:
24.01.2018 23:11 - Mr.Hershey's
24.01.2018 01:33 - ThererHolyGrail
Don't Forget to slap dat follow button my fam! - Come hangout with me, and watch my superior gameplay. ;)
Next level67,831,218
Exp left13,861,218
Magic70142Armor class219
Dexterity215233To hit166%
Resist magic0%
Life200200Resist fire0%
Mana213213Resist lgtning50%
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Leaderboards winner (Rogue)
ThererHolyGrail gained 53,791,626 experience points in January 2018
Saintly Helm of the stars
Armor: 7   Dur: 25/25
+115% armor
+10 to all attributes
Required: 35 str

Source: Griswold
Cobalt Amulet of the stars
+8 to all attributes
Resist lightning: +50%

Source: Normal Monster Level 25
Bow of giants
Damage: 1-14   Dur: 67/70
+20 to strength
Required: 45 str 80 dex

Source: Griswold
Awesome Plate of harmony
Armor: 64   Dur: 100/100
+147% armor
Fastest hit recovery
Required: 90 str

Source: Unique Monster Level 28
Ring of wizardry
+26 to magic

Source: Normal Monster Level 26
Ring of wizardry
+28 to magic

Source: Normal Monster Level 26
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
4057 gold pieces
Heal Other spell level 14
Blood Star spell level 1
Bone Spirit spell level 1
Fireball spell level 5
Guardian spell level 2
Chain Lightning spell level 7
Flame Wave spell level 4
Inferno spell level 11
Golem spell level 2
Teleport spell level 3
Elemental spell level 1
Charged Bolt spell level 12
Holy Bolt spell level 13
Telekenesis spell level 10
Trap disarm skill
Firebolt spell level 15
Healing spell level 14
Lightning spell level 11
Flash spell level 10
Fire Wall spell level 11
Town Portal spell level 13
Stone Curse spell level 8
Phasing spell level 6
Mana Shield spell level 6