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Sex: Male
Age: 24
United States United States, Pennsylvania
Last online:
08.10.2018 00:13 - Mr.Poop
07.10.2018 04:05 - im.chris.
email me at or pm me with a discord invite

i love ironman runs and wish I had more free time for them. music and art and anime are cool too.
writing these down so you and I don't forget ingame:
/f add "username"
/f msg "message"
Next level32,994,399
Exp left4,163,636
Magic2424Armor class12
Dexterity6060To hit80%
Resist magic0%
Life148148Resist fire0%
Mana3939Resist lgtning0%
21 Kanice
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Leaderboards winner (Warrior)
cum gained 15,708,016 experience points in August 2017
Potion of Full Healing
Potion of Full Healing
Potion of Full Rejuvenation
Potion of Full Rejuvenation
Potion of Full Rejuvenation
Potion of Full Rejuvenation
Potion of Mana
Armor: 60   Dur: 38/59
+20 to all attributes
-40% light radius
-4 damage from enemies
All resistances equals 0
Required: 50 str

Source: Unique Monster Level 26
Massive Bow
Damage: 1-14   Dur: 21/60
+107% damage
Required: 45 str 80 dex

Source: Griswold
Sword of the stars
Damage: 4-12   Dur: 29/49
+8 to all attributes
Required: 40 str

Source: Normal Monster Level 26
Sword of power
Damage: 2-6   Dur: 11/24
+14 to strength
Required: 18 str

Source: Normal Monster Level 22
Bountiful Staff of Healing
Damage: 4-8   Dur: 35/35
(Healing) charges: 41/105
Required: 17 mag

Source: Adria
Scroll of Teleport
Required: 81 mag
4957 gold pieces
61 gold pieces
Jade Amulet of titans
+25 to strength
Resist all: +26%

Source: Normal Monster Level 24
Ring of the stars
+11 to all attributes

Source: Normal Monster Level 30
Garnet Amulet of wizardry
+25 to magic
Resist fire: +46%

Source: Normal Monster Level 24
Ring of brilliance
+14 to magic

Source: Normal Monster Level 19
2097 gold pieces
Scroll of Lightning
Flame Wave spell level 3
Inferno spell level 5
Elemental spell level 1
Charged Bolt spell level 5
Holy Bolt spell level 7
Telekenesis spell level 1
Heal Other spell level 5
Bone Spirit spell level 1
Item Repair skill
Firebolt spell level 5
Healing spell level 6
Lightning spell level 3
Flash spell level 1
Fire Wall spell level 4
Town Portal spell level 3
Phasing spell level 1
Mana Shield spell level 1
Chain Lightning spell level 1