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Sex: Male
Age: 28
United States United States, Stockton, CA
Last online:
11.10.2017 07:18 - Olindicus
11.10.2017 03:02 - Ragscarf
Looking to play an old game on days off. Would always enjoy joining a game with others.
Next level9,281,874
Exp left2,043,939
Magic186265Armor class38
Dexterity4252To hit76%
Resist magic0%
Life7373Resist fire0%
Mana582175Resist lgtning0%
No games found
Crown of sorcery
Armor: 8   Dur: 40/40
+17 to magic

Source: Griswold
Amulet of the stars
+10 to all attributes

Source: Normal Monster Level 27
Arch-Angel's Staff of Town Portal
Damage: 8-16   Dur: 75/75
(Town Portal) charges: 10/10
Spells are increased 2 level(s)
Required: 30 str 20 mag

Source: Adria
Mail of sorcery
Armor: 20   Dur: 50/50
+20 to magic
Required: 25 str

Source: Griswold
Ring of brilliance
+15 to magic

Source: Unique Monster Level 8
Ring of sorcery
+17 to magic

Source: Normal Monster Level 30
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Book of Town Portal
Required: 55 mag

Source: Adria
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Elixir of Dexterity

Source: Adria
Elixir of Strength

Source: Adria
Elixir of Magic

Source: Adria
2750 gold pieces
5000 gold pieces
Book of Fire Wall
Required: 27 mag

Source: Normal Monster Level 26
Heal Other spell level 17
Staff recharge skill
Firebolt spell level 17
Healing spell level 16
Lightning spell level 17
Town Portal spell level 8
Mana Shield spell level 17
Fireball spell level 17
Chain Lightning spell level 17
Holy Bolt spell level 17
Telekenesis spell level 9