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Sex: Male
Age: 24
United States United States, Pennsylvania
Last online:
23.05.2018 02:55 - Poopy
04.05.2018 06:19 - runthrower
email me at or pm me with a discord invite

i love ironman runs and wish I had more free time for them. music and art and anime are cool too.
writing these down so you and I don't forget ingame:
/f add "username"
/f msg "message"
Next level5,459,523
Exp left1,090,548
Magic2332Armor class97
Dexterity6098To hit99%
Resist magic0%
Life180131Resist fire0%
Mana534Resist lgtning59%
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Leaderboards winner (Warrior)
cum gained 15,708,016 experience points in August 2017
Glorious Crown
Armor: 9   Dur: 12/40
+72% armor

Source: Normal Monster Level 21
Sapphire Blade of speed
Damage: 3-8   Dur: 7/30
Resist lightning: +59%
Faster attack
Required: 25 str 30 dex

Source: Normal Monster Level 30
Mail of precision
Armor: 25   Dur: 18/60
+18 to dexterity
Required: 35 str

Source: Normal Monster Level 28
Saintly Shield of the tiger
Armor: 18   Dur: 30/58
+112% armor
Hit points: +42
Required: 80 str

Source: Unique Monster Level 27
Ring of the stars
+9 to all attributes

Source: Normal Monster Level 19
Ring of accuracy
+11 to dexterity

Source: Normal Monster Level 14
Potion of Rejuvenation
Potion of Rejuvenation
Potion of Rejuvenation
Potion of Full Rejuvenation
Potion of Full Rejuvenation
Potion of Full Rejuvenation
5000 gold pieces
383 gold pieces
Helm of harmony
Armor: 4   Dur: 12/30
Fastest hit recovery
Required: 25 str

Source: Unique Monster Level 30
Sword of vampires
Damage: 6-15   Dur: 35/58
Hit steals 5% mana
Required: 50 str

Source: Normal Monster Level 28
Awesome Cloak of precision
Armor: 7   Dur: 12/18
+139% armor
+19 to dexterity

Source: Unique Monster Level 28
Platinum Blade of blood
Damage: 3-8   Dur: 14/30
To hit: +37%
Hit steals 5% life
Required: 25 str 30 dex

Source: Normal Monster Level 28
Raven's Staff of Healing
Damage: 8-16   Dur: 26/75
(Healing) charges: 13/27
Mana: +19
Required: 30 str 17 mag

Source: Unique Monster Level 30
5000 gold pieces
Obsidian Ring
Resist all: +32%

Source: Normal Monster Level 26
Crystal Ring of vigor
+18 to vitality
Resist magic: +44%

Source: Normal Monster Level 26
Ring of the mind
+10 to magic

Source: Normal Monster Level 6
Crimson Ring
Resist fire: +39%

Source: Normal Monster Level 20
5000 gold pieces
Heal Other spell level 2
Bone Spirit spell level 1
Item Repair skill
Firebolt spell level 1
Healing spell level 1
Flash spell level 1
Fire Wall spell level 1
Town Portal spell level 1
Mana Shield spell level 2
Inferno spell level 1
Charged Bolt spell level 2
Telekenesis spell level 1