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Sex: Male
Age: 29
United States United States, Bowling Green, KY
Last online:
08.08.2017 09:18 - UltimateCarl
08.08.2017 07:22 - Ultimate-Carl
Just a hobbity-lookin' dude trying to have fun.

I use the Torch stash for convenience, but otherwise play legit.

Hit me up on Discord at UltimateCarl#6206! I play on US-East.
Next level1,025,154
Exp left84,520
Magic1525Armor class72
Dexterity5579To hit106%
Resist magic0%
Life198107Resist fire0%
Mana4318Resist lgtning0%
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Helm of stability
Armor: 6   Dur: 30/30
Faster hit recovery
Required: 25 str

Source: Griswold
Soldier's Sword
Damage: 4-12   Dur: 47/50
To hit: +17% +77% damage
Required: 40 str

Source: Normal Monster Level 15
Valiant Mail of the stars
Armor: 25   Dur: 59/60
+67% armor
+10 to all attributes
Required: 35 str

Source: Griswold
Shield of accuracy
Armor: 10   Dur: 26/32
+14 to dexterity
Required: 40 str

Source: Griswold
Ring of power
+13 to strength

Source: Unique Monster Level 12
Ring of vigor
+17 to vitality

Source: Normal Monster Level 19
Book of Mana Shield
Required: 30 mag

Source: Normal Monster Level 15
1492 gold pieces
Scroll of Town Portal
Heal Other spell level 3
Item Repair skill
Firebolt spell level 3
Healing spell level 7
Lightning spell level 2
Flash spell level 1
Fire Wall spell level 4
Mana Shield spell level 1
Inferno spell level 3
Charged Bolt spell level 3
Holy Bolt spell level 4