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Sex: Male
Age: 29
United States United States, Bowling Green, KY
Last online:
08.08.2017 09:18 - UltimateCarl
08.08.2017 07:22 - Ultimate-Carl
Just a hobbity-lookin' dude trying to have fun.

I use the Torch stash for convenience, but otherwise play legit.

Hit me up on Discord at UltimateCarl#6206! I play on US-East.
Next level181,683
Exp left5,693
Magic96102Armor class19
Dexterity1515To hit57%
Resist magic0%
Life4949Resist fire10%
Mana22847Resist lgtning0%
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Skull Cap
Armor: 3   Dur: 20/20

Source: Griswold
Axe of the mind
Damage: 2-10   Dur: 21/24
+6 to magic

Source: On the ground on level 3
Leather Armor
Armor: 13   Dur: 35/35

Source: Griswold
Red Ring of zest
+7 to vitality
Resist fire: +10%

Source: Normal Monster Level 5
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Scroll of Town Portal
3308 gold pieces
Heal Other spell level 5
Staff recharge skill
Firebolt spell level 8
Healing spell level 4
Fire Wall spell level 4
Town Portal spell level 2
Fireball spell level 3
Inferno spell level 2
Charged Bolt spell level 3
Holy Bolt spell level 2
Telekenesis spell level 3