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Sex: Male
Age: 24
United States United States, Pennsylvania
Last online:
08.10.2018 00:13 - Mr.Poop
07.10.2018 04:05 - im.chris.
email me at or pm me with a discord invite

i love ironman runs and wish I had more free time for them. music and art and anime are cool too.
writing these down so you and I don't forget ingame:
/f add "username"
/f msg "message"
Next level9,281,874
Exp left89,877
Magic2919Armor class22
Dexterity6050To hit75%
Resist magic0%
Life1261Resist fire0%
Mana400Resist lgtning0%
21 Kanice
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Leaderboards winner (Warrior)
cum gained 15,708,016 experience points in August 2017
Shield of trouble
Armor: 12   Dur: 28/40
-10 to all attributes
Required: 50 str

Source: Normal Monster Level 14
Potion of Mana
Scroll of Identify
Diamond Cap of the lion
Armor: 1   Dur: 4/15
Hit points: +54
Resist magic: +52%

Source: Normal Monster Level 27
Scroll of Identify
Staff of Healing
Damage: 5-10   Dur: 18/45
(Healing) charges: 30/35
Required: 17 mag

Source: Normal Monster Level 7
Bow of brilliance
Damage: 4-8   Dur: 45/48
+15 to magic
Required: 35 str 70 dex

Source: Normal Monster Level 23
Amber Amulet
Resist all: +19%

Source: Normal Monster Level 13
Scroll of Identify
2761 gold pieces
Scroll of Identify
Item Repair skill
Firebolt spell level 6
Healing spell level 3
Lightning spell level 2
Town Portal spell level 2
Phasing spell level 1
Inferno spell level 2
Holy Bolt spell level 3
Heal Other spell level 3