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Sex: Male
Age: -
United States United States, US - West
Last online:
20.08.2018 11:14 - pyrolee
20.08.2018 10:40 - Dux
Best Finds:

Emerald Long War Bow of the Heavens (49/14)
Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac (38/20)
Next level1,814,568
Exp left445,901
Magic180247Armor class17
Dexterity8585To hit92%
Resist magic44%
Life5050Resist fire44%
Mana614585Resist lgtning44%
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Leaderboards winner (Rogue)
pyrolee gained 95,262,056 experience points in September 2016
Leaderboards winner (Rogue)
pyrolee gained 64,637,552 experience points in July 2018
Drake's Amulet of sorcery
+20 to magic
Mana: +43

Source: Normal Monster Level 28
Emerald Staff of wizardry
Damage: 5-10   Dur: 45/45
+25 to magic
Resist all: +44%

Source: Adria
Serpent's Ring of wizardry
+22 to magic
Mana: +37

Source: Normal Monster Level 25
3431 gold pieces
Chain Lightning spell level 12
Flame Wave spell level 1
Golem spell level 7
Teleport spell level 3
Charged Bolt spell level 1
Holy Bolt spell level 1
Telekenesis spell level 4
Heal Other spell level 4
Blood Star spell level 1
Bone Spirit spell level 1
Staff recharge skill
Firebolt spell level 5
Healing spell level 4
Flash spell level 6
Fire Wall spell level 8
Town Portal spell level 3
Stone Curse spell level 5
Mana Shield spell level 8
Fireball spell level 8
Guardian spell level 7