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Sex: Male
Age: 24
Spain Spain, Alicante
Last online:
11.05.2016 02:52 - gregor_clegane
09.05.2016 22:47 - THE_HOUND
Love Diablo, first time played on my PSX with my brother, hours and hours.. then i got the PC version, it was even better... love this fucking game, wanna play it with someone in coop, The awakening mod was amazing. Looking forward to try other mods with some people here!!
Next level5,459,523
Exp left859,642
Magic154199Armor class33
Dexterity2031To hit65%
Resist magic22%
Life9634Resist fire22%
Mana450418Resist lgtning22%
26 Kanice
No games found
Crown of the eagle
Armor: 9   Dur: 40/40
Hit points: +29

Source: Unique Monster Level 9
Amulet of the stars
+11 to all attributes

Source: Normal Monster Level 23
Dragon's Staff of sorcery
Damage: 8-16   Dur: 74/75
+20 to magic
Mana: +60
Required: 30 str

Source: Unique Monster Level 30
Jade Ring Mail
Armor: 18   Dur: 50/50
Resist all: +22%
Required: 25 str

Source: Unique Monster Level 24
Ring of brilliance
+14 to magic

Source: Normal Monster Level 16
Ring of giants
+20 to strength

Source: Normal Monster Level 24
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
Potion of Full Mana
White Staff of Heal Other
Damage: 4-8   Dur: 15/35
(Heal Other) charges: 22/22
Resist magic: +10%
Required: 17 mag

Source: Normal Monster Level 6
Scroll of Apocalypse
Required: 117 mag
Potion of Healing
Scroll of Fireball
Required: 31 mag
3000 gold pieces
Scroll of Inferno
Required: 19 mag
Scroll of Inferno
Required: 19 mag
Potion of Healing
2158 gold pieces
Inferno spell level 1
Teleport spell level 1
Elemental spell level 1
Charged Bolt spell level 1
Holy Bolt spell level 7
Telekenesis spell level 2
Heal Other spell level 4
Bone Spirit spell level 1
Staff recharge skill
Firebolt spell level 10
Lightning spell level 2
Flash spell level 4
Fire Wall spell level 2
Mana Shield spell level 2
Fireball spell level 1
Guardian spell level 1
Chain Lightning spell level 2
Flame Wave spell level 1