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Old server, the power supply eventually died.

The new server, Mini-ITX motherboard with an Intel Atom CPU. It's tiny :)

GORE's corner

MaggoT's corner

The project started with the idea that it would be neat to have a piece of software that automatically stores and displays character stats and items from Diablo, to make it easier to keep track of items as well as show them to others.

Development began with MaggoT spending the better part of summer vacation 2010 researching and fiddling around with the Diablo memory structure, and attempting to read parts of it with a C-application. Eventually this resulted in an application that read the relevant portions of the memory data and uploaded it to a web server.
The focus then moved to the back-end PHP code that receives this data and extracts, processes and calculates all relevant information about the character and items. After a bit of work on this it became clear that this system would work and we would be able to extract all data needed to display a "mirror image" of the character and inventory screens in the game.

With the data processing going well, GORE, who is also experienced in web development, joined in and started putting together a design for the front-end website itself. He also spent a lot of time extracting and fixing various graphical elements from Diablo, that would later be used on the page, like the character screen, item pictures, character animations and so forth.

After a lot of development and testing, the site was deemed good enough to be released publicly in August 2010. GORE had a webserver built from junk parts in his apartment, on which the site was hosted under the domain. All was well until one morning in the summer of 2012 GORE smelled smoke in the apartment... turns out it was the web server's power supply that didn't want to play along anymore :).

Seeing as this was an old webserver built out of junk there really was no other option than to build a completely new one. Unfortunately this happened right when both of us had other projects occupying time and money, which led to a 6 month downtime before we finally built a new web server in December 2012 and put the site back up. Luckily the old hard drive was OK so we could retrieve all data from it.

With a new server and motivation we resumed development of the site with new features such as the Item calculator, Town square chat and a new version of the Leaderboards system, as well as a graphical face lift.

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